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Hiking Marin - Downloads (Requires Password)

Downloads are about 300kb in size and in pdf format so Adobe Reader 5, (or higher), is required. (If necessary, download Adobe Reader from the Adobe website.

Once your hike has downloaded, enter the password from the 3rd Edition of Hiking Marin.
See each Region's "Table of Contents" for the password.

Please enter the hike letter (in lower case) and number in the box below (eg, a1, c2, d12, etc.):

Enter the first 5 letters of the hike name. Be sure to do the following.

  1. No spaces
  2. No punctuation
  3. All letter in lower case
(eg, tucke, for the hike, "C2 Tucker - Bill Williams Trails" on page 88):

Once the file opens, be sure to print it or save it, or both. (Note that you may have to click on the disk icon in Adobe Reader to save it.)


The form above requires Javascript. If you do not have Javascript, or if the form is not working, you can do the following:

  1. Enter the following in the address field of your browser:
  2. Then add the hike number followed by the first 5 letters of the hike name followed by ".pdf"
    (eg, c2tucke.pdf) after the address you entered in step 1.
  3. In summary, the address in your browser should now look like this:
  4. Once entered, be sure that your cursor (blinking bar) is inside the address window of your browser, then push the return key on your keyboard.
  5. Option: For the future, just bookmark the above url address and change the last part as needed.


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