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   Corrections and Permanent Trail Changes
Relevant to 'Hiking Marin' 3rd edition only
Updated: 24, August 2012

We try to keep an up-to-date list of permanent trail closures for all of Marin County here. Temporary closures are not listed. We are not responsible for the accuracy of this information. Trail conditions can change at any time. Check with the local ranger stations (listed below) or park websites for the latest information.

Changes in Trail Status?
please email updates to: marintrailspublishing@gmail.com

  • A12 - North Ridge Trail... The trail between the Sunset trail and junction #4 is permanently closed. The hike should now follow the Sunset trail all the way to Perimeter Rd (as described in our 3rd edition).
  • B4 - Muir Woods. Fern Creek trail - New bridge at the junction with Lost Trail is now open.
  • D6 - Roy's Redwoods. The end of the descriptions should refer to hike J7. Not J4
  • D13 & D14 China Camp State Park Hikes. "Miwok Fire Trail" no longer exists and are not doable as a loop. So, they must be done as out-n-back hikes.
  • J1 - Hiking Tiburon Peninsula. There is no longer a trail easement at the end of Hacienda, so this hike ends at junction #2 on the map. Turn around at this point and retrace your steps.
  • H5 - Sorich Ranch and Terra Linda Ridge. Cemetery FR - Closed due to dispute about public access with the cemetery owner. For the second part of hike H5, use the 5th ave trail by the school.
  • Trail name changes
    • "Sky Oaks Trail" is now called "Alex Forman Trail". This trail goes between Sky Oaks Ranger Station and Lagunitas Lake following Sky Oaks Road.
Marin County Open Space Agencies

At one time during the El Nino winter of 1998, 95% of the trails in Point Reyes National Seashore were closed due to downed trees, erosion, unstable cliffs, mud slides or wash outs. Some trails remained closed for more than a year.

Below is a list containing most of the open spaces agencies. Some post trail updates and other don't. If you need a definite answer it is best to call.

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