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How To Be A Successful Student
2nd Edition, 1991
Current Price: $9.95

ISBN 0-9617044-2-X
Donald Martin
48 pages
81/2 x 11

Published by:
Marin Trails Publishing LLC
403 Oakcrest Road
San Anselmo, CA 94960

Updated: 1 June 2011

How To Be A Successful Student

Over 50,000 books in print. Used by public and private universities and high schools across America and abroad. Translated for use in schools in China and India.

About The Book
How To Be A Successful Student has a complete summary of the tools, tips and techniques for becoming an efficient and successful student. Thirty topics in modular format. Primarily for high school and college students.
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About The Author
How To Be A Successful Student was written by Professor Donald Martin. A retired physics professor, Professor Martin taught for 30 years at the College of Marin in Marin County, California. His extensive experience with students, and research into best practices for learning culminated in this valuable resource for students.

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